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Chronic pain can destroy your quality of life. But LifeWell M.D. delivers long-term solutions for chronic pain with a wide range of alternative treatments. These treatments work with your body's natural processes to reduce pain levels. Regenerative treatments can also stimulate healing and produce lasting relief. With two locations in Port Saint Lucie, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, chronic pain relief is nearby. Call Ramesh Kumar, MD, and his team today or schedule an appointment online.

Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain?

Most people experience some pain from time to time. Pain caused by mild injuries or illnesses generally resolves within a few weeks. But if your pain lasts for several months, you may be diagnosed with chronic pain. Chronic pain can persist even after your original illness or injury heals.

In some cases, chronic pain has a link to joint problems. Your spine, back, hips, shoulders, wrists, elbows, and ankles are all susceptible to joint pain. Damage to ligaments, tendons, and cartilage can result in stubborn joint pain.

Chronic pain can have a major impact on your quality of life. Many people with chronic pain have trouble keeping up with work or school. Chronic pain can also affect relationships with loved ones. When you're in pain, it's hard to enjoy everyday activities and celebrations.

LifeWell M.D. strives to help patients achieve lasting pain relief. The practice specializes in holistic treatments that treat both body and mind. LifeWell M.D. knows that many patients don't respond to traditional treatments. That's why the practitioners use an integrative approach, including alternative medicine.

Is medication my only option?

Many patients with chronic pain are wary of taking pain relievers. Prescription drugs like opioids carry significant health risks, including possible dependency. Over-the-counter drugs may also cause health problems when taken in high doses.

LifeWell M.D. offers safe, drug-free options for pain relief. These treatments carry no risk of overdose or dependency. If your pain hasn't responded to pharmaceuticals, alternative treatments can help. They're also ideal for patients who can't take medications. 

What chronic pain treatments are available?

At LifeWell M.D., patients can receive:

  • NovoTHOR®
  • Intravenous (IV) therapy and vitamin boosts
  • Sound lounge
  • Medical acupuncture

The practice also offers regenerative medicine with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP injections use material from your body to stimulate healing. Instead of masking pain, PRP helps heal pain at its source.

What results can I expect from alternative chronic pain treatments?

Traditional treatments for chronic pain often emphasize prescription drugs. Many doctors also recommend invasive surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments carry significant health risks and side effects. They may not be safe for some patients.

Conventional medication often may fail to relieve pain, and patients report little to no improvement in their symptoms. But regenerative treatments are different. They boost your body's natural healing processes and deliver long-term results for chronic joint pain.

LifeWell M.D. also uses treatments like acupuncture to provide pain relief. Acupuncture can increase your body's natural painkillers to reduce painful symptoms. Many acupuncture patients also report improved energy levels and mood. 

If you struggle with chronic pain, let LifeWell M.D. help you explore your options. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.