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The Vasper system workout combines compression, liquid cooling, and interval training.

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Ever wish you could get the benefits of 2 hours of exercise accomplished in 21 minutes and with less effort?

Well, your wish has come true, thanks to the VASPER system high-intensity, low-impact, 21-minute workout. You can avoid muscle damage all at the same time. And best of all, Vasper workout sessions are conveniently available exclusively at LifeWell MD.

In only 21 minutes, Vasper will help you boost your anaerobic threshold and optimize your hormonal balance for max strength and performance gains. And you will avoid muscle and tissue damage that comes with over-training.


The Vasper system workout:

Whether you are a fitness expert, pro sports player, Olympic champion or someone who just wants to squeeze in MORE workout benefits in LESS time, your fitness will be taken to a whole new level.

Vasper can increase your energy and endurance, enhance your muscle mass and strength, and even improve your cognitive function. It also optimizes your hormone balance, which is a key player in your overall health and fitness level.

With this 21-minute specialized workout, you will experience minimized joint loading and alleviated body pains and aches.

And better-quality sleep is an added benefit, which is vitally important to your entire health and wellbeing.


Why is it called the Astronaut workout?

See the story that was done by BBC about how the Vasper system helps Astronauts get their workouts at the Space station:



To learn more about the Vasper system and who else is using it click here:


What is the Cost for Vasper System Workouts?

At LifeWell MD, right now you can get 3 Vasper workout sessions for FREE with a commitment of 5 workouts at $40 per 21-minute workout. Limited monthly memberships are available.

Schedule your Vasper systems workout by calling Dr. Kumar at 561-220-8635.

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Check out this youtube video on the Vasper Systems Workout!

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