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The Body Mind Connection at Lifewell MD

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At Lifewell MD, our core beliefs lie in a holistic approach for every patient. We treat you as a whole: body, mind, and aesthetics. We aim to leave you feeling balanced and in a state of optimal health.

Our center offers a wide variety of treatments to address issues you may be experiencing on many levels; whether this is on the surface level or deep within your body—we are experts at treating the whole body. We address stress, brain health, sexual, and athletic performance problems with a variety of treatments including:

Combining traditional, holistic and alternative medicine together with human function software and hardware, LifeWell M.D. practices good medicine. Underpinning these are medical acupuncture applied by Harvard Medical School trained acupuncturist and Board Certified medical doctor, Ramesh Kumar, M.D.

Over the years, we have come to gain the trust of our patients who often stay with us for the long-haul; some patients have been with us for over ten years! Gaining your trust is our main focus—which we do through patient care, patient experience, and delivering results.

Where other practices may oversee the entire mind-body connection and its role in the overall health of a patient—this approach is our sole focus. Patients come to use who have had unsuccessful results with other treatments and are ready to address their issues with a different and more thorough approach. Our patients end up staying with us for the entire duration of their recovery process as they realise the success of their treatment and benefit from the results we bestow upon them.

Fed up with the status quo and seeing patients die due to cancers that developed because our system failed to prevent patients from getting it in the first place: Dr. Kumar has taken lead in this field, and is paving the way in preventative health.

If you are ready to discover how we can help you realise your full potential, contact us on 561-210-9999 or via our contact page here.

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