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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson oil is an extract produced from specific cannabis plants that contain high levels of both THC and CBD. The extraction process was initially pioneered by Rick Simpson in 2002. 

He claims that using this oil on his skin helped him get rid of his skin cancer.


Is Rick Simpson Oil Legal?

Rick Simpson oil is a form of medical cannabis that has been legal in the state of Florida since 2014.  It continues to be ILLEGAl according to Federal Law. Cannabis of all kinds is placed under Schedule 1 by the DEA on par with Heroin.  Those patients with approved medical indications need to be certified by physicians. They are issued a state card much like a Drivers license. This allows patients to purchase Rick Simpson oil or any other form of Medical Cannabis at state-approved dispensaries. Edible forms of cannabis are not legal according to state law. 


Does Rick Simpson Oil help cancer patients?

Medical Cannabis can improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This includes helping them cope with pain, anxiety, as well as the side effects of chemotherapy. The claim of Medical Cannabis actually destroying cancer cells has been controversial.

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is an advocacy group for the medical use of Cannabis. I urge patients and their caregivers to review the following video and draw their own conclusions: The title is

Cannabis and Cancer.   Dr. Joe D. Goldstrich, MD, FACC  -October 2016 


Prof. Donald Abrams, MD, an Oncologist at the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine is a pioneer in the use of Medical Cannabis in cancer patients. Watch his interview here:



The Society of Integrative Oncology led by some of the top cancer hospitals in the world is another such organization. Review this article on their website for outstanding true information:  https://integrativeonc.org/news/research-blog/277-does-cannabis-cure-cancer?highlight=WyJjYW5uYWJpcyJd   

The bottom line is that there is a chance that Medical Cannabis may actually help kill cancer cells.  The future appears to be bright for more widespread use of Medical Cannabis including Rick Simpson oil.

As an Oncologist, I am a strong advocate for more widespread use of Medical Cannabis.  So far, there are only a handful of cancer physicians among thousands of us who are following this path. We, as physicians can and should do better.

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