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NovoTHOR: Photobiomodulation therapy

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6 most common questions answered for you.  


what is Novothor and Photobiomodulation therapy?

NovoTHOR photobiomodulation (PBM) is a light therapy device for the whole body.  The machine looks like a tanning bed. The difference is that red light and near-infrared light have healing properties, while a tanning bed creates a burn. Red light and near infra redlight help relieve pain, treat injuries, minimize recovery time, increase blood circulation, relax muscles and joints, and much more.


How does it work?

Different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum have different properties. Red light and near infra-red light produced by Novothor increases nitric oxide levels and activates ATP formation, an essential energy molecule that is the basis of all life.   Learn more on the Novothor website:   https://www.novothor.com/

How Novothor helped our Olympic athletes maximize their performance:



Who does Novothor help?

With the nationwide epidemic of opioid addictions, NovaTHOR is a much-needed solution for pain management and injuries without the need to use Opioids and Narcotic medications. In addition, Novothor helps in every phase of health. It allows patients to recover faster from illness and trauma. It helps elite athletes achieve maximal performance.


Who should not get Novothor.

Novothor should not be used if a woman is pregnant because of the unknown effects on a growing fetus in the womb.


How is the Novothor procedure done and how often?

The machine is located in a private room. Clients undress to expose as much of the skin as possible to the light beam much like in a tanning bed. They wear special dark glasses to protect their eyes. They lie down on the bed and pull the cover down. Once the machine is turned on, the clients will have three minutes to settle down inside the machine. When the light beam comes on, it is quite intense but the eyes are protected.  Clients may feel some degree of heat but nothing too serious. There is a cooling fan at one end of the machine that will allow some degree of comfort. The light beam is on for about 15 minutes. Once the light goes out, clients pull themselves up, get dressed and exit the room, renewed and rejuvenated!

Depending on the underlying condition, the number of sessions varies from once a week for a few weeks to every other day for several weeks.


How much does a Novothor session cost?

Each session costs 99$. Discount packages are available, please call for details. Active duty military are eligible for a 25% discount.

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