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NAD+ Therapy For Drug Addiction

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Nicotinamide NAD: What is it? NAD supplements are all the rage on the internet as part of a group of Age Reversal Supplements. Some people call it Nicotinamide Dinucleotide, while it actually stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).

What does NAD do? It is a cofactor in all living cells and functions to maintain normal energy supply and protect the cell from damage.

NAD and Aging: What is the connection? NAD levels decline with age as does disease states especially Addiction issues. It is considered to be the best anti aging supplement on the market.

Getting off drugs: The best alternative addiction treatment that fixes the root of the problem. NAD plays a major role in deaddiction therapy.

NAD IV Therapy: A revolution in stopping cravings by helping repair the addicted brain. NAD IV therapy is the most effective way to flood the brain and the body with this nutrient to facilitate healing.

Most Drug abuse treatment protocols use substitute medications and / or comfort medications with various behavioral therapies but do not correct the deep underlying biochemical damage that has been caused by addictive drugs. NAD IV therapy overcomes this by working at the level of the DNA.

NAD Injections cost: Compared to the cost of traditional drug rehabilitation centers and drug recovery programs with its high failure rates, NAD IV Therapy saves money and resources over the long term by improving your overall physical and cognitive health. The program is customized to each individuals needs and the cost will vary. As of this date, Insurance does not cover these treatments. NAD supplements that will be prescribed will continue to help maintain the effects of NAD IV therapy.

Drug Detox centers do play a role to stabilize an acutely ill patient, NAD IV therapy, on the other hand is done in an outpatient office setting and saves time and money compared to in house drug rehab centers.

If you or your loved ones wish to consider stopping cravings and need help getting off drugs, please consider NAD IV therapy.

You can reach out to us to our Client representatives Ann Marie and Megan at 561-210-9999 or 863-467-9500 and we will fit you into our schedule.

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