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Gainswave Treatment Cost

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GainsWave Treatment Cost: What you should know.

It is common for our clients to ask us about the cost of GainsWave therapy and how it compares to the cost of a penile implant.


GainsWave covered by insurance?

The simple answer to this question is: No.


what is the cost of GainsWave Treatment based on?

The cost of GainsWave to treat Erectile dysfunction (ED) is based on packages and the number of sessions. Gainswave protocol for ED is tailor-made to each individual patient.

Patients may need between 6 to 12 sessions depending on the degree of their erectile dysfunction. Some patients may need a P shot for better results which further increases the cost of the procedure.


The Breakdown of the Cost of GainsWave treatment:

The cost of 6 sessions starts at 3000$ at the low end. Most medical practices may charge extra for an evaluation by the physician and can range from 250$ to 500$.  Additional costs would involve the cost of a penis pump.   I recommend a pump in the 300 to 350$ range because I find them to be more reliable. Penis pumps are also available on Amazon for as little as 50$, not sure on how durable they are.

For Gainswave to be successful, we may also recommend supplements. The main supplement that I suggest is from Affirm Sciences which increases Nitric oxide in the body and helps with blood flow. The cost is around 45 to 50$ for a month’s supply. You can check on the Affirmscience.com website to get an idea of their current prices.


Additional costs associated with GainsWave therapy:

Blood tests are helpful to assess other issues contributing to ED and may be covered by your insurance.


P-Shot cost:

We may need to add a priapus shot (also called P shot) for someone with severe ED or someone with PD (Peyronie’s Disease). The cost for this procedure at the low end would be 1500$. Some of us are adding stem cells or exosomes along with PRP which appears to be more effective and makes intuitive sense. The science is still iffy about this addition. This could add about 1500 to 2000$ to the cost of this procedure in addition to the PRP procedure.  Learn more about the P shot here:    https://priapusshot.com/


Cost of Penile implant:

The cost of penile implant surgery can range upwards of 20,000$, not including “downtime”, away from work, etc. While GainsWave treatment does not have any “downtime”. (Double entendre here is intentional!)


In summary:

Please understand that this does not work for everyone. So before you put down your hard-earned dollars make sure that you undergo a full medical evaluation to see if this procedure would work for you. I turn down a lot of patients who come in seeking Gainswave treatment with uncontrolled diabetes or who continue to smoke. The results are extremely poor in these and other uncontrolled medical conditions.

We realize that most of us are price-conscious. My recommendation is for you to be fully informed about all the charges prior to the procedure.  Also, be aware of other benefits and value that may play a role in the success or failure of the procedure. A good example is to know as to who is actually doing the procedure. The procedure is done by technicians in most centers. We, at LifeWellMD and in several other practices have a trained physician perform the procedure. This gives you the confidence that proper protocols are being followed according to guidelines. Afterall, GainsWave treatment for ED is a Medical procedure and if I were the patient, I would prefer that a trained physician perform the procedure on me rather than a technician.

Since most of our clients are busy professionals or busy retired men, we cater to their needs for late appointments, weekend appointments, appointments during holidays and be available on phone calls. We strive to give them the results that they are looking for and we always have other methods to help them get to where they want to go.  I tell my patients that it takes “patience, patience, and more patience”!

Hope this helps.



Ramesh Kumar, MD, President, CEO and GainsWave Provider at LifeWellMD.com. You can reach out to us at 561-210-9999 and speak to Ann Marie if you think that we can help you. We have offices covering the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County including our new office on Brazilian Avenue in Palm Beach.

Learn more about Dr. Kumar’s credentials here:



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