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GainsWave Success Rate

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GainsWave Success Rate

One of the most common questions that we get when clients come to us for discussion about GainsWave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED): ” How successful is this ?”

The simple answer to this question is: “It Depends!” Let us dig deeper into this.

When clients come to us, we estimate their degree of ED based on what is called a SHIM score. The data shows that we can move the needle by about 5 points on this scale towards getting better.  If you are otherwise healthy, by using GainsWave appropriately, the success rate for those with mild ED would be in the range of 70 to 80 percent. If you have severe ED, the results drop to about 50 to 60 percent but at least they have moved to a level of mild ED.  We generally recommend adding a P-Shot (also called Priapus-Shot) for those with moderate to severe ED for better results added to the GainsWave treatments. Again, the response of each client is very variable. All, we ask is for you to be patient, knowing fully well that additional options would be available to get better results.


Do we need to repeat the GainsWave treatment?

It is for the reason given above, that a second set of GainsWave treatment about 3 to 6 months after the first set of procedures is completed would be needed to continue the repair and restore process.  By adding a few more points to the SHIM score, the needle can now be moved from a score indicating mild ED to normal function. This would also mean that a maintenance program would be necessary. The analogy would be that of getting your car serviced every few thousand miles. Our body is no different. Time takes a toll on our biological systems as we age and we have to keep fighting back with an active program.


What happens if GainsWave treatment does not give us the results that we are looking for?

A holistic approach aimed at optimizing mind and body will help slow the decline of our biology and help us maintain a functioning body for a much longer time, and that includes sexual function. Following this, we can improve the result of our GainsWave treatment protocols.

In our practice, we take a step by step approach rather than a bandaid approach to help you with erectile dysfunction. Our goal is to get results.  It is not just “the what” you need to do to help yourself but we also help you understand “the how” of leading a healthier life. From a medical point of view, we will monitor you carefully and pull out whatever other stops that we need to help you get better results. P-Shot (also called Priapus shot),  Peptide therapy are other methods that we use judiciously and have achieved remarkable results when GainsWave treatment by itself may not give us the results that we expect.

Hope this helps when you are researching and making decisions regarding one of the most important things in a Man’s life ie Maintaining and Improving Sexual Function.

As one of my patient’s told me the other day, “Dr. Kumar, you are Making America Happy Again”!  I thought that it was hilarious!!

Ramesh Kumar, MD


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